Lupes told me to grasp victory!

HG Jagd Doga

HG Jagd Doga

This was the very first Gundam model I built.  Lupes, Raitz, Chad, and myself all journeyed to the mysterious land of Michigan to visit Gundam Store and More.  I ended up getting this kit and MG Force Impulse.  I started Jagd Doga when we got back to Lupes’ house and finished it the same day.  It’s a great kit for beginners as there aren’t as many part runners to keep track of.  The only problem I had with it was that on the box, all the silver parts on the finished model are silver.  In actuality, the parts were gray and boring looking.  Luckily, Lupes had some extra silver paint sitting around, so we sprayed all the gray parts silver like they are supposed to be.  Lupes and I decided that since it was my first kit, that I shouldn’t paint the whole thing.  I wanted to get the building process down before I worried about painting my model.  I don’t have a digital camera at the moment, so I can’t post a bunch of pictures of Doga yet.  I hope to get one when I get some extra money (maybe after I get my tax return).  In closing, I would like to say that I recommend this kit to anyone interested in Gunpla.  It’s simple and pretty cool for what it is.  I got it for $22 at Gundam Store, so you should be able to find the kit for around that price online.


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